Client Feedback

I have worked since 2012 with many hundreds of clients with many different challenges. Here are some comments that clients have shared with me which I hope will encourage you to take the first steps that they did … and get in touch.

Life changes:

“You delivered the exact results that I hoped for …”

“Thanks so much Jennifer for helping me find my voice. I now recognise the importance and validity of my own words which is life changing for me. You delivered the exact results that I hoped for, in an environment in which I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. In such a short period of time you’ve provided me with my own life long tools that I can access at any time to overcome any of the challenges that are inevitable in life”

Business Owner, Aberdeen, UK [3 sessions]

Teenagers & mental health provision

“Young people who have suffered trauma such as abuse or bullying can very quickly be freed from the anxiety related to those past events”

As a practitioner and manager in youth work and employability services for more than 20 years I have been involved in providing support to many hundreds of young people with a wide range of support needs. In that time I have regularly seen young people who know what they want to achieve, and can articulate very well the actions they need to take, however this often does not convert into actions and positive outcomes.

In an attempt to provide more effective support to these young people various employers have introduced me to different counselling and therapy models including solution focussed approaches, person centred counselling, motivational interviewing, choice theory, reality therapy and Human Givens Counselling and Psychotherapy.

All of these models, with the exception of the Human Givens model, rely on the clients ability to transfer their desire for change and plans for their future into changes in behaviour. Very often this transfer fails to take place, resulting in clients bouncing around service providers without making the final steps into work. Issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction and panic attacks can often prevent clients moving forward into positive outcomes. Time and time again I have seen young people who cannot complete work experience placements, attend job interviews or mix positively with other people due to the anxiety associated with such issues. 

Having worked with the Human Givens model myself, and alongside Jennifer Broadley to provide fast effective mental health support to young people, I have seen the positive results using this type of support can yield. Young people who have suffered trauma such as abuse or bullying can very quickly be freed from the anxiety related to those past events. Having received two or three hours of Human Givens Psychotherapy, most of these young people are able to move forward and engage with new opportunities, free from the anxieties of past events which have often held them back for years.

The cost benefits of using the Human Givens model of mental health support are huge. As the model can very quickly change the ‘emotional drivers’ for negative or unhelpful behaviours and responses such as social anxiety and addictions, the Human Givens model does not rely upon the clients’ ability to change their own behaviours or responses irrespective of the original emotional drivers remaining in place. This is regularly where other support fails. A young person with social anxiety may well know they want to work, and that doing some work experience is a step towards that, however asking them to achieve that while the emotional responses associated with meeting new people, going to new places or pushing themselves into unfamiliar settings remains unchanged is often an impossible ask. Using the Human Givens model can change this very quickly and effectively, allowing those young people to achieve outcomes and move forward in building the lives they want for themselves and no longer relying upon the benefits system to support them while they try unsuccessfully for years to achieve this without the right type of effective mental health support.

I know from experience that if this model was more widely available through schools, support charities, youth work and employability providers, as well as the NHS, the benefits to communities, individuals and the public purse would be huge.

Outcomes Manager – Scotland, The Princes Trust

Loss & grieving:

“After a month of sessions I was back to normal and had a better perspective on life.”

“After losing multiple loved ones over a space of 2 weeks I was deeply hurt and didn’t know what to do with myself on a day to day basis. I found myself becoming depressed and lying in my bed for hours sometimes days on end. As a young, healthy student I knew this wasn’t normal and needed some advice/guidance.

I was very apprehensive about attending this meeting as I thought it made me look weak as a young male. But after just one session I felt better and equipped with knowledge on how to deal with the way I was feeling. After a month of sessions I was back to normal and had a better perspective on life.

Jennifer was extremely friendly and easy to speak to from the first session – it felt like I was speaking to a life-long friend. She was understanding and made things very clear for me. I could not recommend this more to anyone. Thank you very much.”

Student, Aberdeen [5 sessions]


“I left every session lighter, happier and with a clear head.”

“Having seen Jennifer 4 times, twice with my husband and twice alone, I cannot express enough how much she helped save our marriage. We were at a crisis point and without her help I’m not sure we would have managed to move forward. Jennifer explained the reasons behind our thoughts and actions, helped us understand them, guided us through our feelings and emotions and made everything seem so much clearer. She suggested strategies to work on to help solve any problems. I left every session lighter, happier and with a clear head.

Jennifer is very understanding, approachable, kind and easy to talk to, I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us. I would recommend Healthy Chat to anyone struggling with life’s problems”

Parent, Aberdeenshire, UK [4 sessions]


“I sleep soundly most nights now …”

“My mum found Healthy Chat when she was looking into counselling for me, to help with my anxiety and insomnia. I found it very difficult to sleep and thoughts would whirl round my head. I found it difficult to let go of worries and relax. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started my sessions at Healthy Chat.I really wanted to be able to relax and most of all sleep.I felt that the sessions were very helpful. Jennifer listened properly to what I had to say. She offered advice and helped me to come up with a plan to help my worries and insomnia. Just having a plan to move forward helped me to relax. I sleep soundly most nights now and have a few ways of dealing with my stress. I feel that Healthy Chat has definitely helped.”

Student, Dundee [4 sessions]


“I felt better almost immediately following the first appointment.”

“I found Jennifer online when I felt I needed help to get through a difficult time. I had started to become quite anxious which had then started to affect other parts of my life and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to feeling myself again. I was unsure what to expect but I felt better almost immediately following the first appointment. I was much more relaxed and felt more able to cope with things that I had previously found challenging. After this I continued to follow Jennifer’s advice, and quickly felt myself again.”

Receptionist, Arbroath [2 sessions]

Life change:

“I’m now a lot more confident”

“Through my experience with Healthy Chat I found myself speaking about things I thought I was over but she had me realise that I still had some healing to do which she then helped me through in just 3 sessions. Jennifer really helped me sort my worries and problems out and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help getting through tough times. I’m now a lot more confident in my own mind and have much clearer thinking thanks to her words of wisdom.”

Administrator, Tayside, UK [3 sessions]

Anger Management:

“The strategies she gave my son were simple for him to manage and he began using them right away.”

“I had been worried about my son’s behaviour for some time. I had read books and looked at websites online to see if I could help him with his anger management.

As things seemed to be escalating out of control I decided to search for help. I found the website for Healthy Chat and contacted Jennifer by email. She replied and we arranged an initial phone meeting. She was friendly and seemed to understand what I was describing right away.

Although my son was reluctant to go to the first appointment he came out happy and relaxed after the hour. Jennifer made it easy for us to continue to speak to her via FaceTime, email and phone calls. The strategies she gave my son were simple for him to manage and he began using them right away.

The conversations we had helped us to take a step back and think about what was going on within our family. Within the month we all felt that we were moving in the right direction and were feeling happier as a family.”

Education, Fife, UK [2 sessions]

Stress & overwhelm:

“Over 3 sessions I was able to get my perspective back”

I was feeling stressed with work and just life in general, overthinking nearly every situation. I knew I had to do something to make a change. I had medication from the doctor but felt that it was just numbing me rather than resolving the underlying reasons for why I was feeling so lost. I searched online for counselling and found Healthy Chat. I sent an email and had an appointment within a few days.

Jennifer is very easy to talk to, I felt at ease straight away (which is unusual for me). I felt that I could speak freely about work and family issues without her knowing the people, it made it much easier to discuss concerns and specific situations.

By talking things through with Jennifer over 3 sessions I was able to get my perspective back and manage my negative thoughts. Jennifer provided me with an insight into why I was struggling and also empowered me with practical solutions and coping mechanisms. This has been a life changing experience and worth every penny.

Manager, Fife [3 sessions]

Trauma (PTSD):

“My anxiety reduced … after just a few sessions”

“Two years ago in France I was involved in a serious motorbike accident which left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and some memory loss.

The following year having declined my GP’s offer of medication I felt that I had no choice but to “get over” this myself and in retrospect realise that I was in some form of denial as I tried to continue with” life as usual.” However following a further trip abroad on my bike I suffered a serious emotional relapse leaving me down and fearful as to what the future might hold. At this stage I understood that I needed help and the form of intervention I chose was that of human givens therapy.

From my first contact with Jennifer at Healthy Chat prior to making an appointment I felt optimistic that talking with her would be helpful. Over a fourteen-month period Jennifer has listened, understood, helped me develop self insight and supported me in learning and adopting varying coping strategies. My confidence started to increase and my anxiety reduced following a few sessions. This allowed for longer intervals between treatment and culminated recently in an agreement that I no longer required this form of help.

Whilst I am aware that there could be relapses along the way hopefully with the skills and knowledge acquired from Jennifer I should be able to cope. However she has also indicated that should the need arise she would be prepared to see me again.

This professional relationship has allowed me to move on with my life and I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer and this therapy.”

Business Owner, Tayside [14 sessions]

Anxiety and relationships:

“I feel so much more comfortable in my life now …”

‘My time at Healthy Chat with Jennifer Broadley was simply amazing. I’m a lucky person in that I don’t ever dread or fear discussing my issues or therapy, but my sessions with Jennifer hardly felt like therapy at all. She was so comforting and familiar, understanding on all aspects of my life that others sometimes judged me for.

When I began at Healthy Chat, my main issues that I wanted to overcome or find solutions to were: craving validation from others, and seeking out that validation in unhealthy ways and my ‘overreactions’ to whenever I felt overwhelmed by a situation and would ‘freak out’. There were a few points during my journey with Healthy Chat that I did take a few steps back instead of forward, but I eventually got there and feel so much more comfortable in my life now that I have completed the course. I always looked forward to each session, as afterwards I would always leave in a lovely, joyful mood, feeling like a weight had been lifted.

Jennifer sometimes gave me little tasks to complete in between sessions, and I think they really contributed to the outcome. I would definitely recommend Healthy Chat to anyone who feels like they need a little bit of support with the more challenging areas of life, or anyone who just feels like they just want to talk through things with someone who will understand.’

Retail Assistant, Aberdeenshire, UK [8 sessions]

Anxiety & life change:

“I’m truly grateful and happy.”

“After years of anxiety and irrational thoughts I made a phone call to Jennifer, made an appointment and couldn’t believe the change (even after 1 session) that she helped me achieve. Now, several sessions later, I have a greater ability to rationalise and understand life. I’m truly grateful and happy. Don’t think about it, just make that call and get on the road to life without fear and anxiety. I’m glad I did. And so is my family.”

Manufacturing, Aberdeenshire [4 sessions]


“I really am a different person …”

“Jennifer amazingly steered my thoughts in a different direction and with her words and wisdom I regained control in my life again. At one point I felt there was no point existing and now, after 4 sessions, I really am a different person and living life to the maximum. Thank you so much.”

Dundee, UK [4 sessions]


“I came out of the session feeling quite different, like I’d found a more relaxed confident me that had been there all the time.”

“It was the counselling directory I looked up for my area and Jennifer’s qualification and experience that attracted me – also her website seemed right on the button regards helping me find a positive direction after the trauma I’d been through recently.

I wasn’t sure what results I wanted to see until I started talking and with Jennifer guiding me I realised how far I’d come already and how to accept my situation and move forward in a positive way. I came out of the session feeling quite different, like I’d found a more relaxed confident me that had been there all the time

I felt my money was well spent but more so the time I’d been given to be listened to by an expert ear helping me put things in the right order in my head. Jennifer also gave me a few ways to visualise my problems disappearing, how to keep them in proportion and picture a different future – which was great because I had been unable to be optimistic about the future. I would definitely recommend a Healthy Chat for anyone struggling with life’s challenges.”

Programme Manager, Angus, UK [1 session]

Life change:

“To say these sessions were transformational is an understatement.”

“I had reached a low point in my life and decided I needed help. I located Healthy Chat online and started a series of one to one meetings with Jennifer. To say these sessions were transformational is an understatement. I now have a new perspective, acknowledging the positive reality rather than viewing my existence through an emotionally negative prism. My attitude to life is now one of optimism, not because it is perfect but because I am mentally better equipped to deal with its vagaries. I would recommend any person who thinks they could benefit from counselling to definitely give it a go.”

Consultant, Aberdeen, UK [6 sessions]

Career Crossroads:

“Thanks to our conversations, I’m about to take steps that I wouldn’t have dared take before.”

“I would class myself as a successful individual, however, lately I had been feeling like I had no real purpose in my life. I was flying in a holding pattern. Major changes at work had been a catalyst, but more than that, I had felt for some time that I had another, larger purpose that I was supposed to fulfill.

I love to talk with family and friends but felt like they were too involved to be unbiased. I decided to look for a coach to help me make sense of these feelings – someone who understands business and ambition but someone who truly knows that we are also souls!

I made a few internet searches and quickly came across the name of Jennifer Broadley! Her website resonated deeply with me – ‘life-changing conversations’ particularly stood out – well, without a doubt, I have had ‘life-changing conversations’ with Jennifer! She is easy to talk to, a great listener and is one of the most inspiring and intuitive individuals I have had the privilege to meet.

Thanks to our conversations, I’m about to take steps, that I wouldn’t have dared take before. For the first time in my professional life, I have met that side of me that is not a ‘corporate machine’. The side of me who yearns for purpose, yet still has ambition and still strives for success. I know that I have the tools and the confidence now to go forth and live out my life’s meaning.”

Pharma Director, Strathclyde, UK [3 sessions]

Family changes:

” … about two sessions in I began to notice a real change …”

I started healthy chat to help talk through some stressful and distressing changes in my life. I hoped the sessions would help me to figure out a way to deal with the anger and upset that came with these changes on a day-to-day basis. I found the sessions very cathartic and they really helped me process the changes going on in my life. About two sessions in I began to notice a real change in the way I handled my anger and upset. I would highly recommend healthy chat to help resolve stress and upset in your life.”

Student, Aberdeen [5 sessions]

Anxiety & panic attacks:

“I have the confidence to drive and to work again.”

“A few months ago unfortunately i started having really bad anxiety and panic attacks. These affected my life so bad I had to give up my full time job, I stopped driving and also stopped going out anywhere on my own. This was devastating and I felt I lost all independence and for a 26 year old that is just unthinkable!!

After many trips to the doctors with different medication I felt uncomfortable with the thought of taking all these tablets.

I then began having a look online where I found Healthy Chat! Straight away I booked an appointment with Jennifer. I had a total of 3 meetings with her over the course of 3 weeks, and now within that time I have picked up more work again also I am back driving and going where ever I feel like going as I have the confidence to do it again!

Jennifer works so well by listening to what I had to say then teaching me different ways of thinking of situations that were freighting me or making me feel anxious! She explained so well what anxiety is and how our body’s work during panic attacks that I don’t feel scared of them anymore!

So thank you so much Jennifer for giving me literally my life back!”

Bar Person, Aberdeen [3 sessions]

Panic attacks & anxiety:

“I saw improvements in my condition much faster than with the medication I was on.”

“I found HealthyChat whilst looking for a private therapy solution to a Panic Disorder I had developed, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the end result I was looking for was a faster recovery than a half year of medication that was causing even more complications in my life.

The sessions themselves were fantastic, whether it was the initial informal conversation and understandable explanation how my brain/body was reacting, or the guided imagery and conversations about improving Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing, Jennifer was professional and very easy to talk to.

By the second session I was equipped with enough ways to deal with my panic and anxiety and combined with some positive life changes that were encouraged gradually, I saw improvements in my condition much faster than the medication I was on.

With only 4 sessions before I felt confident enough to continue to recover on my own, again encouraged by Jennifer, the time and money invested with HealthyChat was worth the results I have seen, saving me a potential 6 months of gradual recovery through medication. Anyone looking to try HealthyChat will find a place where you can be open and receive advice that won’t just help you recover but help you for the rest of your life.”

Sales Coordinator, Aberdeen, UK [4 sessions]

Anxiety & depression:

“I was very sceptical about the chances of this working for me – but it did…”

“My first contact with Healthy Chat came about largely by chance. Suffering from a combination of stress, anxiety and depression, I had become frustrated at the lack of progress I was making under conventional medical approaches. I decided to try something different and googled “counselling services Dundee”. What caught my eye on the Healthy Chat website was the promise of quick results. Even in our first telephone contact, Jennifer took the time to find out what had been going wrong and what I wanted to achieve.

Fortunately, I was able to get a face-to-face appointment with Jennifer within 48 hours. I must admit to be being very apprehensive going into that first session but Jennifer soon put me at ease with her calm and confident approach. We seemed to cover so much at that initial session and things really did start to pick up for me immediately after that. In total, I ended up having five sessions with Jennifer over a four-month period and am delighted to say that life is good again for me. I feel that I have learned so much from Healthy Chats, particularly about using the resources I have at my disposal to tackle my problems.

I have made lots of small changes in my life – individually none of these are earth-shattering but taken together they have provided a powerful tool to increase my resilience and put the balance and happiness back into my life. Everyone has it within them to make the changes to tackle their problems and improve their life. At the outset, I was very sceptical about the chances of this working for me – but it did, and I am now living proof of what the Healthy Chat approach can achieve. It has certainly been money well-invested!”

Finance Professional, Dundee [5 sessions]


“I have only had one session but feel a whole lot better.”

“I was a bit apprehensive when I first booked my appointment with Jennifer. When I turned up and we got chatting it was like spilling all of my thoughts in my head to an old friend. She listened to what I had to say then asked me questions which made me think about scenario’s in more depth and understand them more. I have only had one session but feel a whole lot better. I understand my thoughts and feelings a bit more and have already started making positive changes in my life.

I would highly recommend.”

HR Exec, Fife [1 session]


“Helped me get clearer faster”

“I think I would have got to this place in time, however the conversations I’ve had here have helped me get clearer, faster. So I find myself in a place where I feel strong and happy and sure about what I’m doing sooner that I had expected to.”

Finance, Aberdeen, UK [8 sessions]


“My partner and I are now stronger as individuals as well as in our relationship.”

“I found Healthy Chat online when I was looking for counselling to help me and my partner in our relationship. The first time I phoned, Jennifer was immediately encouraging and helpful, explaining to me fully what I could expect, and inspiring me with confidence in her approach. I was depressed at the time, and she gave me hope that I could recover fully and sooner than I had thought possible.

In total, I saw Jennifer 3 times by myself, once together with my partner, and my partner saw Jennifer once by himself. The sessions were always motivating, inspiring, clear and positive. I immediately noticed changes, and Jennifer generously gave me a book after our first session to give me more ideas and ways to beat depression. She also helped me with email support in between and after sessions. I am very grateful to Jennifer for the service she provides, which has empowered me to make life-enhancing decisions. My partner and I are now stronger as individuals as well as in our relationship.”

Aberdeenshire, UK [3 sessions]


“You gave me support to feel better about myself.”

“You (Healthy Chat) came into my life when I really needed you. I appreciate very much how you worked with me, gave my tools and techniques to cope better. You gave me independent third party support to feel better about myself, acknowledge my skills and work experience, and create a momentum to apply for work. It takes courage to do that after what I have experienced over the last 6 years+. Thank you ever so for your care and support.”

St Andrews, Fife, UK [6 sessions]

“You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Winnie the Pooh

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