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HG therapy is the fastest, most effective treatment presently available. Research* shows that more than 3 in 4 clients were either symptom free or significantly recovered in an average of only 3.6 sessions; and that Human Givens therapy is 3 times more effective than the next most effective psychotherapy. 

Most people can be helped in 4-6 session although some people require only one or two sessions to achieves their required results. Some people with more complex difficulties may require more. Healthy Chat fees reflect the fast, effective results our therapists, counsellors and coaches generally achieve with each client.

Our sessions are not designed to be multiple or long term. Our intention is to work with you to achieve the outcome you want in as short a time-frame as possible – and then for you to move on, fully equipped for your next life chapter.

Session Types

Psychotherapy: these sessions are booked individually as required and are normally held face-to-face at on of the Healthy Chat venues in Aberdeen, or Montrose. The intention is always to achieve recovery in as few sessions as possible.

Counselling: is normally a face-to-face session, however it can be by phone or by skype. If the requirement is for ongoing support – divorce, career change or during a significant life transformation – then discounts may be available. Please call Jennifer to discuss this option further if required.

Coaching: these conversations are usually by phone, however can be on skype if required. They can be single conversations, or for those using Coaching for ongoing high performance we often aim towards a model of: 1 x 30-minute phone coaching session per fortnight. Please call Jennifer to discuss this option if required.

Locations and Opening Times:


Healthy Chat, 39 Dee Street, Aberdeen AB11 6DY

Tuesdays: 9.30 – 8pm;  Fridays: 9.30 – 4pm


Single session: 90.00 for 60 minutes; and £125.00 for 90 minutes

Student session: £75.00  for 60 minutes; and £90.00 for 90 minutes

My aim is to help you in as few sessions as possible.


You can pay on the day by cash or by card. You can also pay by bank transfer – just request this when you’re booking and an invoice will be emailed to you.

For pricing on multi-session packages (available for Coaching sessions only) call 07798 792763 and speak to Jennifer. Together we discuss an initial duration of coaching sessions and a workable fee structure that makes most sense for the outcomes you want to achieve.

* Research published in: Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice

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Tuesdays: 9.30 – 4.00pm and Fridays: 9.30 – 4.00pm

Montrose, DD10
Mondays: 9.30 – 4.00pm and Wednesdays: 9.30 – 4.00pm

Thursday: 9.30 – 4.00pm

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