Most people progress through their life chapters with reasonable confidence and awareness. Some of us have a few stumbles and now and then, and some of us stride forward regardless – most of us have stories about both.

With more choices available to you in this century than ever before in history …

  • unlimited travel,
  • continuing career changes,
  • ongoing education opportunities,
  • numerous relationship experiences,
  • a range of right and creative ways to do family, and
  • an array of paths that lead to you living your purpose

… an advanced range of life skills is necessary to navigate successfully through what’s now going to work best for you as an individual.

Healthy Chat Counselling focusses on your full range of emotional needs being met well. Often it confirms to you that you’re way more equipped than you think you are. And then it will highlight any limiting beliefs restricting you from having the range of choices you want to have. You’ll leave clear about what the right next steps for you are going to be.

Counselling conversations might be about:

  • life choices
  • career change
  • relationships
  • healthy marriage
  • parenting
  • teenagers
  • successful divorce
  • blended or extended families
  • fitness or sporting performance
  • business building
  • money management
  • overwhelm
  • healthy bereavement
  • happy retirement

These Healthy Chat sessions are facilitated using Human Given’s Therapy/Counselling.

Human Givens Counselling
Human Givens therapy collectively draws on the findings from psychology, neurobiology, ancient wisdoms and original new insights. It has evolved to be fast, brief and effective in helping people return to a healthy and sustainable psychological state and sense of wellness. Research has shown that more than 3 in 4 clients were either symptom free or significantly recovered in an average of only 3.6 sessions.
To book in for your Healthy Chat session, call or email now. You can also email for a free 15-minute phone conversation to the discuss the outcome you’re looking for, explore how this therapy will work for you and ask any questions. 

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My home-office is on Scotland’s east coast, between Aberdeen & Dundee. However because I work with each of my clients online via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime it means that you, your partner or your children can access a Healthy Chat and Human Givens Therapy from wherever you are in the UK (and overseas too). 

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