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Healthy Chat

Everyone at some point in their life will struggle with something. If you’re affected right now with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, overwhelm, anger or relationship issues, you’re in the right place. I can help.

I’m Jennifer Broadley and I set up Healthy Chat more than 12 years ago to help people to quickly and confidently figure out their present challenges, get clear on what to change and how, and then bravely take first steps to repair, rebuild or transform their life going forward.

My practice is now fully online and I work with adults and young people from around the UK (and overseas too). Your session will be on Zoom – or can be on FaceTime or phone if preferred – and you could be booked in as early as this week or next.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” - Rumi

About Jennifer Broadley

I am a full-time Human Givens psychotherapist offering brief, solution-focused therapy for adults and young people with depression, anxiety, addictions and trauma (PTSD). I have two areas of specialism: couples counselling (including narcissistic abuse recovery), and working with individuals and families affected by autism or ADHD.

I trust that my clients are fully resourced for the changes they want and that, for now, the simple act of borrowing a brain for a session or few is all it takes to create the space and perspective for a successful next life chapter.

My aim with all clients is to understand the specific challenges they’re experiencing – with work, studies, relationships, parenting, motivation, mindset, overwhelm or anger  – and equip them going forward to get their emotional needs met as healthily and wholesomely as possible. When this happens successfully, it’s almost impossible for a person to feel emotionally or mentally unhealthy and, from there, confidence grows and more possibilities and life choices open up, changing the future short and long term. Clients often feel empowered and motivated from as early as the first session and are equipped to take the actions – miniscule or massive – that they know will make a meaningful difference.

As a Human Givens therapist I am highly motivated and committed to:

  • briefness – I want you to come in, be resourced and confidently move forward with life in as few sessions as that takes
  • simplicity – in the language I speak, the methods I use and the strategies I share
  • respect and non-judgement – I believe that in all circumstances there are good, uplifting and hopeful conversations to be had about your future and how you want to live it.

Booking A Session

Your first step is to email me using the contact details below. I’ll get back to you to organise a quick first conversation (15-minutes, no charge) – on Zoom or by phone. I do this so that I can better understand what it is you’d like to see change and it allows you to ask me any questions you might still then have.

If you’re keen to go ahead, we’ll get a 60-minute session booked in and from there you’ll be emailed some start up information with a couple of short forms. Complete and return them, then show up for your first Healthy Chat with me on the agreed day and time.

And that’s it … you did it. The journey towards the changes you want to see has already begun.

Get In Touch

I look forward to hearing from you and will reply as quickly as possible – usually that will be same day (except at weekends).
Session times: Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
You can contact me by email:
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